Zalman ZM1000-HP: Quiet KiloWatt PSU

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The exterior of the ZM1000-HP is a glossy greyish black. Stylish but easy to scratch. The 140mm diameter fan spans the entire width of the unit. At 210mm, it is far longer than the typical ATX12V PSU of 120~140mm. Given its substantial weight and length, the usual mounting method of four screws off the back of a case seems somewhat inadequate. Without addtional support, the cantilever force of the PSU's weight could easily bend the back panel, especially in an aluminum case. In transit, particularly, this could be a serious problem, so cases with some kind of additional support for the back of the PSU are recommended.

It's black and much bigger than usual.

Note the big 140mm fan and terminals for detachable cables.

The heatsink/heatpipes are visible through the exhaust grill.

...there's also a row of slots on the inside end of the PSU. These would act as exhaust vents, which means some heat will be released from the PSU into the case, generally not such a good thing for keeping components running cool. The switch is not for power; it's for the 5V Standby Noise Filter to eliminates high frequency noise in standby mode mentioned in the highlights.


The ZM1000-HP is unusual for a modular cable PSU in that so many of its cables are permanently affixed. In fact, there are enough connectors on the permanent cables to hook up most computers. You'd only need to use the detachable cables if you had a really over-the-top computer... which is really what this PSU is all about. There is a huge number of cables and connectors, as Zalmans drawing below shows.

The main attached cables are around about 20" long, which should long enough for most systems; the exceptions are the HDD power cables, which are around 32". The detachable PCIe power cables are about 20" long, and the detachable HDD power connectors are around 32" long. All the output cables are nicely sleeved.

Another unusual aspect of the ZM1000-HP is that they've identified which connectors the various 12V lines feed. The absence of this information makes most multi-12V line PSUs a bit of a joke. Here, the information is clearly imprinted on the label so the savvy user can balance the 12V load of his computer intelligently. Zalman has to be commended for this attention to detail.

The label identifies 12V lines and what connectors they feed.

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