Zalman ZM1000-HP: Quiet KiloWatt PSU

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We know for a fact that the actual manufacturer of this model is Enhance. This is a departure for Zalman, who have almost always used Fortron (FSP) in the past. Enhance is known to be a very capable power supply manufacturer, and the platform on which the Zalman ZM1000-HP is based has been used by other brands for PSUs rated up to 1200W.

The build quality of the unit looks commendably high. The internal layout is dominated by the central heatsinks, the copper heatpipes that extend from them, and the thin-fin heatsinks attached to the other end of the heatpipes. There are two AC-to-12V transformers in the center, instead of the usual one. This is to avoid a single huge transformer to handle all the power, which would likely be more costly than two smaller ones. It's the same design strategy used in the Enermax kW power supplies.

Nice clean layout.

The primary uses two PET Matsushita 270uF capacitors rated 105°C.
The smaller caps on the secondary side are mostly 105°C rated Teapo brand.

The dual bridge rectifiers are mounted on a heatsink that looks a bit like an odd antenna.
No connection to the heatpipes.

Finally, the two blocks of thin aluminum fins on the condenser end of the heatpipes.
Obviously they are in the exhaust airflow path.


The 140x25mm dual ball bearing fan is rated at a surprisingly low 0.26A. It has good design basics: Seven smoothly contoured blades with struts at near-perpendicular angles to the trailing edges of the blades for minimized turbulence noise. As in most modern PSUs, the current to the fan comes from a controller that adjusts fan speed in accordance to the temperature in the PSU.

Surprisingly low current rating on 140mm fan.

Neat two-conductor plug for the fan.

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