Thermaltake V1: "Peacock Tail" Cooler

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Thermaltake V1 CPU Cooler

May 16, 2008 by Lawrence Lee

Thermaltake V1 CL-P0401
LGA775 & K8/AM2
CPU Cooler
Street Price
~$55 USD

Thermaltake has a reputation in the silent PC community as a sort of pariah. While the company puts out competent heatsinks, it pays little or no attention to the fans included with them. Thermaltake ad copy routinely spouts claims of "extreme silence" and "16 dBA" which usually go unfulfilled. The Thermaltake Big Typhoon VX and MaxOrb coolers are typical examples. However, the V1 has many bold design elements few manufacturers would dare to implement in a single new product. It is our hope that the fan has been rethought as well.

Thermaltake's product line is stacked with top-down coolers; the V1 is their only high-profile vertical CPU heatsink. Its construction is innovative, probably the most creative cooling design from Thermaltake in years. Typical tower heatsinks have heatpipes running vertically and fins horizontally, but the V1 turns this convention on its head. Its fins are aligned vertically (more or less), spread out like a peacock's tail, while the heatpipes in the airflow path are horizontal with a slight curve. All of this is spread out into two sections between the fan, placed smack dab in the middle.

The V1 box is typical of Thermaltake. It's large and hard to ignore.

The amount of plastic holding the V1 in place seems excessive.

Thermaltake V1 CL-P0401: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
4 Channel - Dual-VTM Architecture Heatpipe Cooling Common.
All Copper Construction The use of copper increases the weight and cost of the product, but its higher thermal conductivity compared to aluminum may make it a worthy trade-off.
Extreme Silence and Maximum Cooling We're still waiting for Thermaltake to deliver on their promise of "extreme silence." So far they have failed.
VRFan Speed Control The fan has an in-line manual fan controller. A common feature on Thermaltake products.

Thermaltake V1 CL-P0401: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Intel Core 2 Extreme (socket LGA775)
Core 2 Quad (socket LGA775)
Core 2 Duo (socket LGA775)
Pentium D (socket LGA775)
Pentium 4 (socket LGA775)
Pentium (socket LGA775)
Celeron D (socket LGA775)
Celeron (socket LGA775)

Athlon 64 FX (Socket AM2/939)
Athlon 64 X2 (Socket AM2/939)
Athlon 64 (Socket AM2/939/754)
Sempron (Socket AM2/754)
147(L) x 92(D) x 143(H) mm
Heatsink Material
Copper Base & Copper Fin
Copper Tube, 6mm x 4pcs
Fan Dimension
110x25 mm
Rated Current 12V
Started Voltage 7V
Power Input 3.00W
Fan Speed
1300~2000 RPM
Max. Air Flow
Max. Air Pressure
Life Expectation
3 Pin

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