Thermaltake V1: "Peacock Tail" Cooler

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The V1 is an unique looking product. Next to the Scythe Ninja Copper, a typical vertical heatpipe cooler, the only resemblance is the color.

V1 on the left, Scythe Ninja Copper on the right.

The Ninja is taller, and wider in one dimension; the V1 is wider in the other dimension. However, the Ninja doesn't have a fan incorporated into its design — that would add an extra 25mm.

A closer look.

The V1 bears a resemblance to Zalman's original flower heatsinks, as the photo below shows. It is comprised of two sets of heatpipes curving upward into fins arrayed like paper fans. The frameless fan is positioned between them.

Zaman CNPS6000CU from 2002.

Fin pattern.

At 147mm, the V1 is quite tall. The fins vary in size, longer in the middle and shorter at the ends, just enough to cover the fan's radius. The distance between the fins is smaller at the bottom than at the top. The four heatpipes resemble hooks (or scythes, ironically), but a large portion falls outside of the fan's reach. More blocky tower heatsinks usually have less than an inch of heatpipe material without direct airflow, but this aspect probably has little effect on cooling performance as it's the fins which transfer the bulk of the heat into the air. The fan's motor is carefully positioned between the heatpipes so any dead-spot of airflow in the center will have a minimal impact on performance.

From the side.

The V1 is a fairly narrow heatsink considering it sports a fan of 110mm diameter. There is also a lot of separation between the fan and the fins on one side due to the mounting arm that holds the fan in place.

The fan arm.

The fan mounting arm is secured to the bottom plate via several screws. It rises up and forms a Y-shaped frame. The fan is attached to the arm via three screws.

Fan mount.

The fan is made of hard, translucent plastic to scatter the light emitted from the blue LEDs. Many heatsinks are now equipped with frivolous decorative lighting.

The small "VRFan Speed Control" plugs into an inline socket.

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