Intel's HSF for high-end Core 2 Extreme CPUs

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May 21, 2008 by Lawrence Lee

Intel FCLGA4-S
LGA775 CPU Cooler
Intel (Delta OEM)
Street Price

Stock heatsink/fans that come boxed with retail processors are usually just good enough to cool the CPU. It's understandable why. Users generally don't make their decision on a CPU based on the included stock cooler, which is seen as a giveaway, a freebee that often gets replaced with a much higher performance aftermarket cooler. CPU makers don't see themselves as being in the business of making coolers. There is very little incentive to include a high performance or quiet heatsink/fan.

The Intel Core 2 Extreme series of quad core processors are rated for thermal design power (TDP) of 130W or more, similar to the P4 Prescott or Pentium D line of CPUs based on the old netburst architecture — a line plagued with overheating problems. To avoid such issues this time around, the standard LGA775 stock cooler has been replaced in favor of something with more oomph. Generally we find reference CPU coolers to be adequate, but much louder than we like. Will this improved heatsink be good enough? Or will we toss it aside like we usually do? Only one way to find out.

An unusually long sleek black box is required to contain the retail box QX9650 processor and accompanying cooler.

The plastic clamshell holding the heatsink and processor is larger than necessary, but not the worst offender we've seen by far.

Intel FCLGA4-S: Specifications
Measured Dimensions (overall)
133(L) x 133(D) x 78(H) mm
(minus mounting frame)
Measured Dimensions (lower section) 90 (L) x 90 (D) x 37 (H) mm
Measured Weight
Model DTC-AAS10 (Delta)
Measured Diameter 105 mm
Rated Current 0.80A
Power Input 12V
4-pin PWM

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