Intel's HSF for high-end Core 2 Extreme CPUs

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At first glance we like what we see — the FCLGA4-S stands out immediately as the largest reference heatsink we've ever come across. It is a radial cooler like previous Intel coolers, but now the fins extend past the fan's diameter, surrounding it like the classic Zalman flower series.

Staring clockwise from the left: Intel Core 2 Extreme cooler, standard Intel LGA775 cooler, Zalman 7700 modified with Nexus 120mm fan.

When compared side-to-side, it seems almost unfathomable that the original LGA775 heatsink was ever tasked to cool a 130W processor.

The Intel cooler on the left, MaxOrb on the right.

The FCLGA4-S is similar in size to the Thermaltake MaxOrb, though much lighter, and more symmetrical. They both look like giant silver mushrooms.


The heatsink is comprised of three main pieces: A copper core and two sections of nickel-plated aluminum fins circling it. The upper fins have four large gaps to allow a screwdriver access to the push-pins. The lower section forms a full circle, and is quite tightly spaced in comparison.

A closer look at the base.

The base is very flat, with miniscule circular machine marks visible (not on camera though). As usual, thermal compound is conveniently pre-applied.

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