Cooler Master Hyper Z600 CPU Cooler: A Real Heavyweight

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When the Scythe Ninja premiered we were amazed by its size. The Z600 goes a step further.

Scythe Ninja on the left, Hyper Z600 on the right.

The Z600 measures 1cm taller and almost 2cm wider than the already massive Scythe Ninja. Its fins are also thicker and more rigid. It takes a fair amount of force to bend them. The Ninja's fins are much thinner, measuring 0.35mm with a micrometer, compared to the Hyper Z600's 0.49mm.

From the top.

The top is capped with a plastic cover that resembles metal. The center bears a Cooler Master name plate.

Note difference of fin spacing in center vs. the edges.

Like most tower heatsinks, the Z600 resembles a futuristic condominium raised off the ground by heatpipes, four of which run through the center body of the cooler while two push out to the outer corners.

On its side.

The Z600's "interlaced" appearance is created by the fact that every second fin in the upper section extends outward to cover the outer heatpipes. The gap between the fins at the corners, at 4.44mm, is twice as wide than at the center, where it measures just 2.18mm.

The base and underside.

A protective film is attached to the base to prevent any damage prior to installation. As we've seen many times in the past, the heatpipes are sandwiched between two mounting plates screwed together.

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