Cooler Master Hyper Z600 CPU Cooler: A Real Heavyweight

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The Z600 does not come with a fan, but two can be added if so desired. Mounting the fan is much easier than mounting the heatsink.

Fan brackets installed.

Two plastic brackets screw on to the fan's corner holes and they simply snap onto two ridges that run down the length of the heatsink. As the Z600 is symmetrical, you can use two fans in a push-pull configuration to maximize performance. There's also no problem in ensuring that the attached fan blows not towards the PSU but towards the back case exhaust fan or vent.

Fan installed.

The distance between the center of the fan and the fins is about an inch. It calls for a high pressure fan for ideal airflow.

When a fan is attached, the distance between the center of the heatsink and the outer edges becomes apparent. This unusually large space makes it more difficult for airflow generated by the fan to reach the center and out the other side. Unfortunately, the center, where fin spacing is tighter, is where high airflow and static pressure are needed the most.

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