Thermalright HR-01 Plus: 2nd Gen Killer Tower Cooler

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June 8, 2008 by Lawrence Lee

Thermalright HR-01 Plus
LGA775 & K8 CPU Cooler
Street Price
~$50 USD

Thermalright is a name to be reckoned with in the world of PC cooling. The company has a history of creating efficient, effective, cooling products. Their only real objective is performance, pure and simple. Nowhere is this illustrated more clearly than in the packaging. If you've seen one Thermalright box, you've seen them all. It's a plain cardboard box with nothing to indicate the contents except for the company logo on the top and the model number on the side. Other companies fill every square inch of the outside of their packages with color, pictures, feature lists, and ad copy. Thermalright simply lets the product speak for itself.

The box. Phone not included.

The HR-01 Plus is an updated version of the HR-01, their first tower heatpipe cooler, which dates back a couple of years. The HR-01 was an excellent performer, and this new version has two more heatpipes and a more secure mounting system. It's touted as a fanless cooler, so it should perform better in limited airflow situations, such as in the case of a silent PC. However, unlike the original HR-01, the Plus comes with wire clips for a 120mm fan, and grooves cut into the edges of the fins to accommodate the clips. This change makes it directly competitive against all other tower heatsinks, including Thermalright's own.


Thermalright HR-01 Plus: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
Fanless design for low-noise operation Sounds good.
Proprietary through holes on fins for efficient ventilation Helps the heatsink take advantage of system airflow.
Six heatpipes for well spread heat around aluminum fins Two more heatpipes than the original HR-01.
Large multiple fins soldered to copper base (nickel plated) for effective contact in transferring heat It and every other heatsink.
Light weight and easy installation Though 600g is nothing to sneeze at, it's much lighter than than the Ultra-120 eXtreme.
High compatibilty with multi-platform mounting adapter Sounds good.

Thermalright HR-01 Plus: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Dimension L110 x W60 x H159.5 (mm) Heat sink only
Weight 600g (heat sink only)
Compatibility Socket 775 & Socket AM2

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