WD VelociRaptor: A Triple Crown

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It's a small drive mounted in a big heatsink. We measured the total weight at 540g, a bit higher than the 489g specified.

Four screws on the underside of the IcePack mounting frame hold the drive firmly in place.

On its own, removed from the frame, it weighs just 220g, about a third of the typical 3.5" desktop drive, but double that of a typical notebook drive. It feels much more robust than the latter. The underside of the drive shows the trace side of the control PCB, which is the opposite of usual practice with most drives.

Next to a notebook drive, the thickness difference is clear.

The IcePack has raised square sections covered with a thin layer of insulation to help transfer the heat from the underside electronics of the Velociraptor. There is no damping material between the drive and the IcePack.

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