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Though the HD3650 is meant to be a mid-range part, the heatsink employed looks very impressive. It is similar to that used in the Asus EN9600GT Silent Edition Graphics Card which is part of the growing Asus family of fanless video cards.

The "V-Cool" heatsink is a completely passive, dual slot cooling solution. The card itself is fairly short, and the heatsink actually overhangs it by more than an inch length-wise. The design is very similar of the heatsink found on the Asus EN9600GT Silent which utilized three heatpipes. The Geforce 9600GT is a much more powerful card designed with gaming in mind, thus the EAH3650 gets only a single heatpipe.

The cooler is separated into two sections. The black portion pictured above left is composed of a metal alloy, shaped into thick, long fins. The second section is a series of thin, tightly packed aluminum fins toward the back of the card.

The EAH3650 supports dual DVI-I outputs as well as component out. The yellow DVI port also carries audio and can be converted into an HDMI signal using the supplied adapter. The ventilation grill at the back is stylized with Asus' name.

Aside from aesthetics, the design has little technical merit. Extensive variations in fin structure and orientation does not serve much purpose in a low airflow environment. A graphics card's placement in a typical ATX case is subject only to incidental airflow unless there happens to be a side fan.

The cooler is held on with only four screws and is easily removable. With the heatsink being so long, the center can act like a fulcrum — if force is applied, the cooler can be tipped on either side.

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