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The GPU core is the sole beneficiary of the V-Cool heatsink. All other components on the PCB, including the memory chips, are untouched by the heatsink..

The heatsink was taken off after testing so that the breaking of the thermal bond between the stock thermal compound, the base, and the GPU would not affect the test results. The heatsink detached easily revealing the PCB and exposed GPU core and some residue from the thick thermal compound used to facilitate heat transfer.

The black portion of the cooler is completely solid at the center with only three slits for ventilation. The fins at the rear of the card are soldered to a single heatpipe emanating from the copper base.

The more massive black section of the heatsink makes contact with about two thirds of the base, though as one giant block of metal, it is unlikely to be an effective design for dissapating heat. On the EN9600GT Silent, two extra heatpipes left very little room for contact between these two pieces.

Installed in our video card test platform.

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