Zerotherm Zen FZ120 CPU Cooler

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Zerotherm Zen FZ120 CPU Cooler

June 22, 2008 by Lawrence Lee

ZEROtherm Zen FZ120
LGA775 & K8 CPU Cooler
Street Price
~$50 USD

Zerotherm is branded in our minds as the ones responsible for the BTF80 and BTF90 CPU coolers... it's hard to forget heatsinks shaped like Butterflies. Fortunately, they turned out to be good performers, and we hope their newest product follows suit. The Zen FZ120 is a more or less conventional tower heatsink — it has four heatpipes, tightly packed fins, and a 120mm PWM fan attached via wire clips. However, it does sport a few curves and contours reminiscent of the BTF80/BTF90.

The box with Intel stock cooler provided for scale.

More often than we like, heatsinks ship with large, unwieldy boxes and a dreaded plastic blisterpack inside. The Zen however ships in a relatively eco-friendly compact box without extraneous packaging. It also lacks gaudy artwork on the outside, presenting itself with very little fanfare. Inside you will find the heatsink itself, a transparent 120mm fan, a common AMD mounting clip, a LGA775 mounting frame and backplate, fan clips, fan isolation rubber strips, a tube of thermal grease and instruction guide.


Zerotherm Zen FZ120: Key Features
(from the product web page)
Feature & Brief
Our Comment
Best Performance among 120mm air cooling CPU coolers To be determined...
Effective 8-line Heat pipe effect The Zen's four U-shaped heatpipes act as eight.
Honeycomb structure for optimized air flow. The fins at the center of the Zen are out of alignment with the rest of the heatsink, creating an overlapping honeycomb arrangement.
120mm fan for max. air-flow Standard for modern heatsinks.
(Automatic Fan Control)
A welcome addition. More fans should have the PWM feature.
Silence Innovations
Min. 19 .5 dBA at 1,100 rpm
Max. 31.4 dBA at 1,800 rpm
As always, specified noise levels must be taken with a grain of salt.
Support latest Intel & AMD CPUs As it should.

Zerotherm Zen FZ120: Specifications
(from the product web page)
Dimensions 126 X 61 X 156 mm
(4.96 X 2.40 X 6.14 inch)
Weight 670g (Without Clip Components)
Matreials Fin - Aluminum
Base - Copper
Heat Pipe - Copper
Heat Dissipation Area 6,827 cm² (1,058 inch²)
Cooling Capacity Over 150W
Fan Size
120 X 25 mm (4.72 X 0.98 inch)
Fans Speed 1,100 ~ 1,800 rpm (± 10%)
Acoustic Noise Min. 19.5 ~ Max. 31.4 dBA (± 10%)
Connector 4 Pin, PWM
Operating Voltage
5.0 ~ 13.8 VDC
Airflow Rate 59.48 CFM

Zerotherm Zen FZ120: Compatibility
(from the product web page)
Intel CoreTM2 Extreme Socket-T
Support All
Speeds (Models)
CoreTM2 Quad
CoreTM2 Duo
Pentium D
Pentium 4
AMD Phenom X3 / X4 Socket
939 / 940 / AM2
Support All
Speeds (Models)
Athlon64 FX X2 / BE
Incompatibility List
Intel Socket 478, 771, 603, 604
AMD Socket 754, Socket F or Socket A

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