Zerotherm Zen FZ120 CPU Cooler

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The Zen bears a resemblence to the Thermalright Ultra-120. The size and overall shape is very similar.

Zen on the left, Ultra-120 on the right.

Unlike the Ultra-120, the Zen's heatpipes are positioned in a straight line rather than staggered, and lack the nickel coating.

The top.

The Zen's design also has many many twists and turns, both in its interior and on its exterior. The surface of the heatsink that contacts the fan is contoured, as are the sides, creating a generally wavy appearance. The way the fins are shaped create a unique overlapping "honeycomb" pattern in the center. The fins on the outside curve upward at the center, but in the middle they curve downward.

Fin layout/spacing.

While the interior curvature increases the amount of surface area subject to direct airflow, it also makes impedance more of a factor, at least at the center. The fin spacing is already fairly tight at approximately 1.8mm.

From the side.

From the side it's evident that the Zen is quite narrow, and its fins thin. We measured them to be approximately 0.37 mm thick.

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