Zerotherm Zen FZ120 CPU Cooler

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The base and mounting system is vital to the performance of any heatsink. Without proper contact, the heatsink design is meaningless.

The bottom.

The base and heatpipes are both comprised of copper, and they are clearly joined with solder. This is the only place on the heatsink where solder is visible; the fins, in contrast, appear to be just tightly press-fitted. A mounting plate (made of cast steel or aluminum) sits on top of the base, holding everything in place. No surprises here.

The base.

The surface of the base was very flat and had a pleasant gleam. Some very faint circular machine marks were visible.

LGA775 mounting frame installed.

The LGA775 frame is attached via four screws to the mounting plate. Four spring-loaded screws secure it to a backplate placed on the back of the mainboard. This does require access to both sides of the motherboard, which means installation on an existing system calls for the motherboard to be removed. It's more work, but through-the-board bolt mounting is the most secure for any heatsink, especially heavy, tall ones like this Zen.

Installed, with fan.

The Zen installed very easily. An ordinary screwdriver was used to tighten the screws; the fins do not overhang the screws because of their relatively narrow depth. You simply tighten each screw as far as it will go, and the captive spring takes care of the tension. The fit was quite snug, as it should be. The fan is attached via two metal wire clips which are inserted into holes located on the top and bottom fin on each side. The fan can be decoupled slightly by strips of rubbery isolation material included in the package.

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