Noctua NH-U12P tower Cooler

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Noctua split the mounting hardware and accessories into three different bags with AMD parts in one, Intel in another, and a set with parts common to both platforms.

Mounting hardware.

Along with the necessary mounting hardware, Noctua includes rubber strips for soft fan-mounting, fan clips, thermal compound, and two 3-pin fan adapters for 9V and 7V fan operation. Both AMD and Intel installations require four sets of hardware: A backplate for the underside of the motherboard, mounting arms for the topside of the board, steel wings for the heatsink, and spring-loaded bolts to secure it all together. Washers are also provided to prevent short-circuits.

Wings attached.

Metallic wings are attached to the mounting plate via four screws. The ones pictured above can be used on LGA775 and K8 motherboards (depending on how the AMD heatsink retention frame is layed out). An alternate set of U-shaped wings is provided which attach parallel to the heatpipes, giving the NH-U12P the ability to mount in any orientation in an AMD-based system.

Mounting arms secured.

The backplate is placed on the underside of the motherboard, and then washers placed over the four mounting holes. Mounting arms are attached to the backplate via screws.

Firmly mounted.

The holes on the wings align with those found on the mounting arms and spring-loaded bolts thread through them to finish the job. Once installed, the heatsink was firmly held in place — no rotation was possible.

Installed fully, with fan.

Metal fan clips hook onto the inside of the fan on both sides, and requires a fan with open corners. They form an exceptionally tight fit.

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