Thermaltake Duorb VGA Cooler: Are Two Orbs Better Than One?

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One thing Thermaltake always manages to get right is aesthetics. With all-copper construction and translucent fans and bright blue LEDs, the Duoorb is an attention-grabber, at least before it's installed and impossible to view.

Bird's eye view.

The fans are attached to two metallic rings joined together with a bridge screwed to the mounting plate. The fans are made of hard, translucent plastic, and the blades are warped/twisted, possibly in an effort to reduce turbulence.

Typical thin fins.

The heatpipes and fins are firmly bond together creating a form resembling an UFO. In between the moderately spaced fins, solder is plainly visible.

Side view.

Each heatpipe emanates from the base and curves into a "C" shape on each side. One half of the cooler is stretched further away than the other to create more distance between them. The fans are wired to a single 4-pin molex power connector. Unlike many other Thermaltake cooling products, no fan controller is provided.

The base.

The base is very flat and polished to an almost mirror finish. There are very faint, nearly invisible machine marks.

One of the fans.

The fans, manufactered by Yen Sun Technology measure approximately 72mm across. The hub has three short spokes which screw onto a circular metal ring. As the heatsink is radial, the fins closest the fan are more tightly packed.

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