NesteQ ECS7001 700W PSU: A Modular Twist

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August 14, 2008 by Nicholas Geraedts and Mike Chin

NesteQ ECS7001
700W ATX power supply
Sample Supplier
Acoustic PC
Market Price
US ~$195

NesteQ is a fairly new player in the computer components market. Based in Germany, NesteQ a series of new power supplies that claim to have high efficiency and low operating noise - features well appreciated in the realm of quiet computers. One of the ECS7001's main features is called E2CS, or Enhanced Easy Connecting System. In other words, it's a modular PSU. However, they've gone about the cables in a different manner than all others manufacturers. Instead of using different cables for different lengths, they provide a multitude of shorter cables, each with their own specific function. We'll describe this in more detail later.

We've seen other "high-end" PSUs that are able to keep quiet, the Enermax Modu82+ 625, for example, as well as the monstrous Zalman ZM1000P. We'll see if NesteQ can keep up with the big boys or the silent leaders of the PSU world. The ECS 7001 sample came from Acoustic PC, a US online shop based in Florida. The company specializes in low noise computer components.

A fairly standard looking black box.

Inside, the PSU, a manual, and more cables than we know what to do with.

ECS7001 FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS (from the NesteQ web site)
FEATURE & BRIEF Our comment
Power Plus Connection
The PCI-Express, EPS and P4 Connectors have a +12V single Rail Connection. The peripheral components like HDD, Fan or DVD-drive are using the divided +12V/18A Rail which is more safety and comfortable
An unusual idea, and unnecessary in most systems. It also explains why the system is not UL Certified.
Enhanced Easy Connecting System
Extended cable parts and HDD/FDD-connectors can be jointed up to the desired length and the required facility.
A nice touch. Could help significantly with cleaning up cable clutter.
Smart Fan Controlling System
With FM function, RPM (fan speed) of the embedded 13.5cm silent cooling fan can be monitored by BIOS.
Ok, but this doesn't tell us much about how this fan controller is better than the rest.
Erogonomic Cable Connection Design
The cables are positioned out at the same side where the facilities are located.
A nice idea, but couldn't a few zip ties achieve the same thing?
Smart Voltage Stabilization System
The output voltage tolerance for CPU and graphic card is kept stable under 3%.
This would help keep the PSU within the ATX specifications.
High Efficiency of 86% A high claim. Interestingly, while the box is imprinted with the words "80 Plus", the ECS 7001 is not an 80 Plus certified model. Three smaller models in the NesteQ lineup are 80 Plus certified, which raises the question of why this one isn't on the list. The fact that it is the highest rated model gives us a clue. If the platform (including heatsinks) is the same for all models, then decreased efficiency at high load due to higher component temperatures could be a factor. It may not meet the 80% at full rated power requirement.
36 months Warranty It's nice to know we're covered.



The label really tells us all we need to know. A couple of observations:

  • The total current for the 12V lines is not given here, but NesteQ's full brochure states 54A, which is 648W. Assuming 700W total, that would only be possible if power demand on the 3.3V, 5V and 5Vsb lines totalled just 52W. The maximum ratings for those lines add up to 185W, which would limit available 12V power to 515W. The reader should be aware that total 12V power capability for any ATX12V PSU is not a fixed number, but can vary somewhat depending on many conditions.

  • We're not sure exactly what ±3% cross regulation means. It could suggest that output voltages stay within that tolerance regardless of the mix of load on the various lines.

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