NesteQ ECS7001 700W PSU: A Modular Twist

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The NesteQ ECS7001 is painted matte black finish - no fancy gimmicks here. There are very few markings on the exterior - only the necessary stickers are visible. Aside from the fan exhaust and intake vents, there are no other holes through which air could flow.

Simple and to the point.

Again, no surprises here.

Standard hex-stamped rear grille. Some of the interior is visible.

Cable plugs are neatly arranged, and well labeled.


NesteQ has opted for modular cables with the ECS7001, but they've done so differently than other manufacturers. Traditionally, a modular PSU would be shipped with several standard length cables, each one with a specific purpose - SATA, molex, PCI-E, and so on. With NesteQ's design, the user assembles the cables as needed from the many shorter cables and extensions.

Some of the cables are extensions.

The main attached cables are around about 24" long, fairly standard and long enough for most users. The remaining cables can be made to be as long as you need. Unless you run out of cable extensions, we can't forsee a situation where inadequate length could be a problem.

The cable on the right right is an extender, with a 6-pin male connector at one end and a 6-pin female at the other end.
The cable on the left has two 4-pin power cables for HDDs, and the same 6-pin connectors on the ends.
The very short floppy power cable at top has a 6-pin connector that fits onto a femail 6-pin connector.
These three cables can all be connector together to form a single cable.

Main attached cables compare with an extension + 2 4-pin cable + floppy cable

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