NesteQ ECS7001 700W PSU: A Modular Twist

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NesteQ claims to manufacture their own PSUs. Although we doubt it, we could not identify the manufacturer by physical examination, and because it does not sport the CSA or UL mark, there is no UL reference number to check.

It is a fairly standard layout compared to other OEMs. Then again, there isn't really too much wiggle room for ingenuity in PSU layout. The ECS7001 uses a single transformer for the AC-12V conversion. The layout is fairly typical, although the heatsink cooling area seems a bit on the low side for a PSU rated at 700W.

A little busy.

Attached to one of the heatsinks is a thermistor, used in controlling the speed of the fan. It's interesting to see it placed directly on a heatsource, instead of buried away on some control circuit. However, placing the thermistor directly on the heatsink could make the fan speed more sensitive to load changes. The temperature of the heatsink could fluctuate with varying load, while the ambient temperature in the PSU casing could remain relatively stable.

Thermistor attached directly to a heatsink fin.

The primary capacitor is rated for 105°C, which we are happy to see is becoming somewhat standard. We'd never want to see the systems run this hot, but extra thermal headroom is welcome.

105°C rated primary cap.


The fan is made by Young Lin Tech, model number of DFS132512M. According to the specifications, this is no low-speed fan. It's rated for 82.4CFM at 2000RPM and a rated noise level of 38dBA. Let's hope that NesteQ chose this fan to give them some extra headroom in the airflow department as well. The fan speed monitor cable is long enough to reach the appropriate fan headers on most motherboards.

A relatively high speed fan, hopefully not to be used at it's full potential.

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