Asus P5E3 Premium: A Mean, Green Motherboard?

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The BIOS is extremely liberal, as one can expect for an enthusiast board. Instead of presenting screenshot after screenshot of the AI Tweaker menu, we've summed up the most important options in the table below:

Notable Available BIOS Adjustments
CPU/FSB Frequency 200Mhz to 800Mhz in 1Mhz increments
PCI-E Frequency 100Mhz to 180Mhz in 1Mhz increments
CPU Voltage 0.85000V to 2.10000V in 0.00625V increments
DRAM Voltage 1.50V to 2.78V in 0.02V increments
Northbridge Voltage 1.25V to 2.21V in 0.02V increments
Southbridge Voltage 1.05V to 1.20V in 0.15V increments

Hardware Monitor.

The Hardware Monitor can report the fan speed of up to 5 fans. The CPU fan on its own, and the Chassis fans (connected to the 4 CHA_FAN headers) as a group can be controlled with various settings. The options are"Full Speed," "Profile," and "Manual."

In Profile mode, you may select one of three automatic settings: "Optimal," "Silent," and "Performance." In Manual mode, you may select a "Fan Start-Up Ratio" of between 1-99%, a "Target Temperature" of 1-99°C, and a "Temperature Tolerance" of 1-7°C. For the Chassis fans, the Profile mode is replaced with a more simplified Fixed mode, allowing one to run the 4 fans at a single set speed between 1-99%.

Express Gate

Express Gate is Asus' re-branding of SplashTop, an instant-on Linux desktop from a company called DeviceVM. It can be accessed as quickly as the system takes to get to the POST screen. It is enabled by default in the BIOS, and thus appears on first bootup, giving you access to the internet via ethernet or WiFi.

Express Gate — instant internet access.

This is very useful if you just turned on the system to shoot off a quick e-mail or instant message, or perform some other trivial online task. In less than 10 seconds you can be watching a video on YouTube or placing a Skype call. In addition there is the possibility of even more functionality, as Express Gate can be upgraded once newer versions are made available by Asus.

YouTube anyone?

If the majority of your PC time is spent on the internet, you should feel right at home with Express Gate. You can get a lot done on the web — programs that live strictly online are becoming rapidly popular. Some believe that the internet is the next great operating system — that as long as you can get online, the choice between Windows, Mac OS X and Linux will be moot. Either way, Express Gate is still the fastest way we know of to watch someone get hit in the groin with a baseball or the Muppets singing "Never Gonna Give You Up."

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