Zotac NF610i-ITX: Compact, low cost, Core 2 solution

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BIOS options on mini-ITX boards are typically incredibly spartan. The presence of an IGP and the extremely limited cooling associated with the platform makes manufacturers nervous about allowing users the ability to customize their clock/voltage settings.

FSB & Memory Config

For frequency manipulation, Zotac provides a strange set of options. To change the CPU clock speed, you enter the desired quad-pumped FSB rather than a base CPU frequency. Any memory speed can be entered but it will round up or down to the closest viable frequency based on a set of dividers invisible to the user.

Notable Available BIOS Adjustments
CPU FSB 400Mhz to 2500Mhz
Memory Frequency 400Mhz to 1400Mhz
Memory Timings Basic
Video Memory Size 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB

CPU voltage cannot be changed, so any underclocking or overclocking must be done at stock voltage. This severely limits the benefit of underclocking, and with the tiny chipset heatsink, overclocking may be downright dangerous. Memory timings can be adjusted, but only the major settings are available. Probably the most troubling thing we saw in the BIOS was the lack of S3 standby (suspend-to-RAM). Without it, when the system is in Sleep/Standby all of the components continue to receive power except for the hard disks.

When the CPU reaches 60°C a tiger emerges and fans the system with its paws.

The PC Health menu reports the voltages and fan speeds and offers a rudimentary fan control mechanism. Its Smart Fan feature will come into effect based on the chosen "Tiger Temperature." A tolerance of between 1°C and 5°C can be selected.

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