Asus Eee Box B202: An Atom-based mini PC

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As mentioned earlier, the adapter which allows the Eee Box to be mounted on the back of an LCD monitor requires a monitor that has VESA-compliant mounting holes for external stands. An older Gateway monitor was the only one in the lab that proved suitable.

VESA-compliant mounting holes.

The VESA bracket adapter for the Eee Box is screwed into place, then a single bolt needs to be threaded.

Eee Box on back of monitor... before any cable management.

One odd problem we immediately encountered was that our sample did not work with the DVI input of the Gateway LCD monitor. No matter; using a DVI to VGA adapter on the Eee box and running a VGA cable into the VGA input of the Gateway monitor gave us fine quality output on the display anyway. We checked with Asus on whether they'd encountered any compatibility issues with the DVI output if the Eee Box (the only video output it's equipped with); they did only with one older monitor. Later, with an update to the Eee Box BIOS (601), all compatibility issues with monitors disappeared completely.

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