Intel DG45FC: Loaded LGA775 Mini-ITX Board

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The DG45FC doesn't come with many accessories — just a couple of SATA cables and an I/O shield. What it doesn't lack is paper — Intel loves to provide proper documentation.

Box contents.

Mini-ITX motherboard layout is tough to criticize. With so little room to work with, fitting all the standard ports is an achievement in itself.


As this isn't an imbedded Atom product, plenty of room is left around the CPU socket. There is little clearance between the other ports, slots, capacitors and other electrical components. Most notably the two fan headers are directly adjacent to the first DIMM slot; a third party heatsink could make these difficult to access, so it's not a bad idea to plug any fans in before installing the CPU cooler.

Viewed from the side.

The board has two memory slots, which is plenty for most users. There are also four SATA ports — enough for a small file server, and a single PCI Express 1x expansion slot. While the southbridge is bare, the northbridge is cooled by a large aluminum heatsink with multiple rows of fin, and held on via spring clip. The cooler is 38mm high measured from the surface of the PCB.

Back panel connectors.

The back panel provides ports for eSATA, gigibit ethernet, S/PDIF, HDMI and DVI — pretty impressive for a mini-ITX mainboard. This is also the first Intel all-in-one motherboard we've seen without a D-Sub VGA output — it's about bloody time.

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