Intel DG45FC: Loaded LGA775 Mini-ITX Board

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BIOS options on mini-ITX boards are typically restricted. The presence of an IGP and the limited cooling associated with the form factor makes manufacturers nervous about allowing users the ability to customize frequencies and voltages. Intel in particular is notorious for locking down their BIOS allowing only basic options to be changed.

Notable Available BIOS Adjustments
CPU Voltage N/A
Memory Frequency 667/800 Mhz (may depend on processor)
Memory Timings Basic
Memory Voltage N/A
Video Memory Size 128MB, 256MB

As usual, a quick browse through the BIOS takes no more than 30 seconds to confirm there isn't much to see or do. Aside from basic memory settings, there is little that interests the average enthusiast.

"Fan Control."

The board's fan control system can be configured using two different settings, Processor Zone Response and Damping. Processor Zone Response can be set to Aggressive, Normal, or Slow and Damping can be set to High or Normal. We'll investigate what these settings mean. Also, please forgive the cropping of the screenshot above — it was taken while connected via HDMI and the image does not appear optimized while in the BIOS. We typically use a KVM for most of our testing, but it did not agree with the DG45FC when using a DVI to VGA adapter.

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