Asus ENGTX260: A Quiet Graphics Card for Gamers?

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Along with the card, buyers will receive an ever so useful leather mouse pad and CD wallet, along with a component cable and 6-pin power adapter. The card requires two 6-pin power cables, but if your current power supply doesn't have at least one 6-pin cable, it's unlikely to have enough juice to drive this monster.

Box contents.

The card itself has a rectangular cooler, split into two difference sections. It resembles a box for ammunition rather than then a VGA heatsink.

The ENGTX260's camouflage decals are useful for gaming in a forest environment.

The cover of the heatsink features the same mythical archer on a camouflage/army fatigue backdrop. The PCB measures 26.7cm or 10.4" — almost an entire inch longer than the width of a typical ATX motherboard.

The bottom of the card.

The card's dual slot cooling solution encapsulates the entire card, making it difficult to see exactly how the heatsink works — what is evident is that it uses a blower type design with an exhaust at the back. On the bottom of the cooler near the rear resides a small vent.

The top of the card.

On the opposite side we see more ventilation but the internals are still completely obscured. There is also a small, removable plastic cover that hides the SLI bridge connector.

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