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Our HD 4670 sample came straight from ATI with no packaging of any kind. When shopping for a HD 4670, check the specifications carefully — manufacturers usually do not follow the reference design so different HD 4670's will have different video outputs, clock/memory speeds, memory type, and coolers.

The HD 4670's red PCB is very short, measuring only 16.8cm. Two thirds of the surface is covered by the cooler, which has a fairly typical design with a small fan.

The cooler also takes care of the memory chips, rather than leaving them exposed or employing individual ramsinks. The fan has four wires; it is of the PWM variety.

From the back we can see the DVI port and the two DisplayPort outputs. Also visible are the fins at the rear exhaust point of the heatsink.

On the trace side there are philips head screws that keep the cooler in place. Another four memory chips are present as well, though bare.

The heatsink makes contact with the four surface memory chips with soft thermal pads. It also is responsible for cooling four MOSFETs on the left side of the PCB. The mounting holes around the GPU form a square with 43mm sides. We found that these line up perfectly with the second set of mounting holes on the Arctic Cooling Accelero S2, which can be installed on the 4670 without any difficulties.

Installed in our test system.

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