Asus M3A78-T: AMD's IGP Gets Another Boost

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Though the M3A78-T is in many ways a premium motherboard, but the presence of an IGP may limit the amount of frequency/voltage tweaking that can be done.

"Advanced" options with maximum values entered.

Notable Available BIOS Adjustments
CPU Frequency 200Mhz to 600Mhz in 1Mhz increments
PCI-E Frequency 100Mhz to 150Mhz in 1Mhz increments
Memory Frequency 400/533/667/800Mhz (may depend on CPU)
Memory Timings Extensive options
CPU Voltage 0.800V to 1.600V in 0.0125V increments
Memory Voltage 1.80V to 2.50V in 0.02V increments
Northbridge Voltage HT: 1.2V to 1.4V in 0.02V increments
Core/PCIe: 1.1V to 1.6V in 0.02V increments
Sorthbridge Voltage 1.20V, 1.25V, 1.30V, 1.35V
VGA Core Clock 150Mhz to 1500Mhz in 1Mhz increments
Video Memory Size 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB
Sideport Clock Speed 533Mhz to 850Mhz in varying increments
Sideport Memory Voltage 1.60V, 1.70V, 1.80V

Somewhat surprisingly, the M3A78-T BIOS is one of the most liberal we have seen for an AMD motherboard. Ample frequency and voltage options are available including those precluding to the IGP and its Sideport memory.

"Hardware Monitor."

The "Hardware Monitor" menu supplies basic monitoring of the system temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages. The board's Q-Fan fan control system has three settings: Silent, Optimal, and Performance.

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