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Our HD 4830 sample came straight from ATI with no packaging of any kind. When shopping for a HD 4830, check the specifications carefully — manufacturers do not always follow the reference design, so different HD 4830's may have different video outputs, clock/memory speeds, memory type, and coolers.

The HD 4830 looks identical to the HD 4850 and HD 3850. The same heatsink is utilized and the PCB is more or less the same length at 23.3cm.

While the HD 4830 is positioned lower in the market compared the HD 4850, its power requirements are not low enough to forgo the 6-pin power connector. This implies the card requires more than the 75W the PCI Express slot can provide.

From the back we can see two DVI and a single TV out port. The cooler is encapsulated by a translucent red plastic cover, but there are vents at the rear as well as some claw-shaped holes at the top and bottom which are more decorative than functional.

On the trace side there are philips head screws that keep the cooler in place. All the memory chips are located on the top side of the card.

The heatsink makes contact with the eight surface memory chips with soft thermal pads. It also is responsible for cooling the voltage regulation circuitry on the right side of the PCB. The mounting holes around the GPU core are spaced the same distance apart as ATI's most recent Radeons.

Installed in our modified P180 test system.

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