SilverStone Decathlon DA700 power supply

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The DA700 is finished in the usual matte black. It's a bit longer than a standard ATX12V PSU. The extra length is not unusual among higher power models, especially when space required for terminal connectors for detachable cables.

Matte black finish, slot intakes on the back and a small one on the side.

The DC output side of the unit has a total of 10 plug-in terminals for the modular cables. There are four different types: 24-pins for the main ATX cable, and 4, 6 and 8 pin types of various others. There is a small vent on this side, the only opening other than for the fan intake and exhaust.

10 plug-in terminals for various modular cables; no permanently attached cables.

The label shows the function of each terminal.


Opening up the unit shows a reasonably tidy but packed layout and fairly large heatsinks.

Opening up the unit shows a reasonably tidy but packed layout and fairly large heatsinks.

A relatively high power (0.45A) 120x25mm 7-blade fan by Protechnic Electric.

Naturally, we're always interested in the details of the fan, as it's the primary noise source in a PSU. Protechnic Electric, the maker of the fan, does not appear to have a web site, however, so official fan data was not available. Other tech reviews have described this fan, model MGA12012HF-025, as having a "rifle" bearing, and SPL of 38.3 dBA (at 1m?) at 1,600rpm/12VDC. As none of the reviews mention the source of this data, healthy skepticism applies. The struts are well designed, perpendicular to the blades' trailing edges for low tonal noise. The plastic quality is average, neither extremely brittle sounding when tapped, nor highly damped.

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