Signature 650 PSU: Antec's Challenge

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Along with Antec's NeoHE series (reviewed here three years ago), its Signature models are among the very few in-line 80mm fan power supplies on the market today. The overwhelming majority of retail PSUs use 120mm and larger fans in a configuration that requires a 90-degree turn of the airflow within the PSU. Often, this creates hot spots where airflow does not reach effectively. The more conscientious PSU makers often employ small vents next to the hot spots to help create some additional airflow, which then allow a bit of hot air to escape back into the PC. No such issues here with the Signature 650: The in and out vents are beautifully unrestricted, and there are no secondary airflow paths for hot to escape out into the PC case.

The 80mm fan harkens back to an earlier time, but the casing length suggests otherwise.

Matte black finish, modular three output connectors.

Great intake vents! Note 12V1 and 12V3 labels.



1 - ATX connector (550mm) 20+4 pin
1 - 12V EPS connector (550mm) 4x2 (8-pin)
1 - Aux12V connector (550mm) 2x2 (4-pin)
1 - PCIe (550mm) 6/8-pin
1 - three 4-pin HDD connectors and 1 floppy drive connector (950mm)
1 - three SATA connectors (800mm)


1 - PCIe (550mm) 6-pin
2 - three 4-pin HDD connectors (850mm)
2 - three SATA connectors (800mm)

Note that only two of the modular HDD cables can be used simultaneously.

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