Intel Core i7: Nehalem Launched

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With our Core i7 review package from Intel came an Intel DX58SO motherboard — the Intel's X58 chipset is the only one that supports Core i7 processors at the moment. It is a board bursting with features.

Chipset diagram.

Layout. The DX58SO has two PCI-E 16x slots for use in CrossFire and four memory slots (the fourth in its own individual channel). There is also an additional 4-pin power plug near the back panel.

The board's northbridge heatsink is screwed on and its fins are oriented to take advantage of right-left airflow. There are also heatsinks on the VRMs around the CPU socket. (Click on image to enlarge.)

The trace side of the board. The CPU and northbridge back plates are visible.

The back panel. The DX58SO comes with one FireWire and two eSATA ports at the back.

Heatsink and memory installed.

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