Samsung SE-T084M/RSWD: Slick, slim, external optical drive

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The following data is straight from Samsung Canada's website:

It's interesting to note that the product is designed by Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology, abbreviated TSST, an international joint venture specializing in optical disc drive manufacturing. Windows device manager reports it as a TSST drive.


Our approach here was not to run a score of performance benchmarks but to report on general usability, with an emphasis on power demand. Since the unit does not come equipped with any alternate power source, power consumption and its impact on laptop battery life is important to consider.

Hooked up to an Asus Eee PC 1000H netbook. Note second USB plug; it's recommended to be used, presumably to accommodate power peaks and reduce the chance of overloading one USB port.

As shown earlier, the Samsung SE-T084M/RSWD comes with a cable that as a "mini-B" USB connector on one end and two standard "A" USB connectors on the other end. This is a common arrangement for mobile USB devices that could draw higher power than the USB connector is rated for. The standard USB spec limits maximum power to 500mA from the 5V standby line. Using two USB ports doubles this, which means, in theory, that 5W is available.

The Samsung was tried with two different computers, both running Windows XP:

1) High Performance Desktop PC:

2) Asus Eee PC 1000H Netbook:

The desktop system's LG GSA-H10A multi-optical writer is a known quantity, a good quality product for the desktop. It provides a nice comparison reference for the Samsung portable.

Playback, ripping and writing of both audio and video files were done on both systems. The same tasks were run with just the Samsung on the Asus Eee PC, which you will note, is equipped with a high end SSD that costs more than the netbook. It's a recent acquisition, a specially configured lab machine that will see auxiliary duty on business trips to tech conferences and tradeshows.


  • Kill-a-Watt AC power meter
  • ImgBurn lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application
  • QuickTime media player
  • Windows Media Player

WARNING! A note of caution regarding the drivers / software DVD that accompanies the Samsung slim external drive: Nero 7 Essentials is the main DVD/CD-related software, and it is a huge suite, bloatware that includes all kinds of things, even a desktop/search feature and the company's own version of a Media Center (like Windows Media Center). If you just want occasional use from the external optical drive, use the advanced installation option to include only the functions you want, or install some other optical utility that you know and like.

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