Asus P5Q-EM G45 mATX motherboard

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BIOS options on mATX boards are typically very spartan. The presence of an IGP and the more limited cooling associated with an mATX platform makes manufacturers nervous about allowing users the ability to customize their clock/voltage settings.

Notable Available BIOS Adjustments
CPU FSB 200 to 800Mhz in 1Mhz increments
CPU Voltage 0.85000V to 1.60000V in 0.00625V increments
Memory Frequency Varies depending on processor
Memory Timings Advanced
Memory Voltage 1.80V to 2.70V in 0.02V increments
Northbidge Voltage 1.10V to 1.70V in 0.02V increments
PCI SATA Voltage 1.50V to 1.80V in 0.10V increments
Video Memory Size 32MB, 64MB, 128MB + 128MB/256MB DVT

The BIOS controls in the P5Q-EM are impressive. Frequency and voltage ranges go beyond the needs of most sane enthusiasts. CPU, memory, and northbridge voltages can be changed in minute intervals allowing for precision control.

"The "Ai Tweaker" menu is filled with numerous settings to tweak to your hearts' desire.

More "Ai Tweaker."

"Hardware Monitor."

Fan control settings are available in the "Hardware Monitor" menu. The board can control the CPU and Chassis fan header, but they have only two settings: Silent and Turbo.

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