Asus P5Q-EM G45 mATX motherboard

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When it comes to customizable control, SpeedFan is our application of choice. If properly supported, it can be configured to raise/lower multiple fan speeds to designated limits when any specified temperature threshold is breached.

SpeedFan main screen, edited with correlations.

SpeedFan duplicates most of the functionality of the Asus PC Probe application, except for the +5V and +12V readings. Unfortunately, it is only capable of controlling the Chassis fan header — the Speed01 and Speed02 controls are tied to the same header. To enable fan control, set PWM modes 2 and 4 in the Advanced menu to "Manual PWM Control."

Fan Xpert.

As an alternative, the Asus Fan Xpert utility is surpringly versatile. You can set preset profiles for the CPU and Chassis fans, some of which are not available in the BIOS menu. It also illustrates exactly how each setting behaves with a small CPU temperature vs. fan speed graph.

Fan Xpert custom profile settings.

There is also a User profile which can be set with your own custom parameters. On the graph there are three temperature/fan speed points that can be altered to adjust the curve however you see fit.

We tested the fan control system by connecting the fan on the CPU cooler to a variable DC fan controller set to only 4V and proceeded to stress the processor using Prime95. A 92mm Scythe Kama Flow 2500RPM PWM fan was connected to the CPU fan header and a Scythe 80mm Kama Flex 1500RPM fan to the Chassis fan header and their speeds were monitored using SpeedFan. We found that the fans ramped up exactly according to the parameters reported by the Fan Xpert utility.

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