Antec Fusion Remote Max HTPC case

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The overall impression is of a high quality, weighty case. The combination of a brushed aluminum fascia and thick steel panels is well proven, and it works nicely here. Here's a photo of the unit with the lower door open and the optical drive door open as well. (The photo was obviously taken after system assembly.)

The clean look is achieved by hiding all the I/O ports behind the full width hinged door. An aside: The black anodized brushed aluminum fascia is difficult to photograph.

There are two dust filters accessible from behind the hinged front panel door.

The back right corner is where all the airflow is generated. A single center thumbscrew (not shown) locks the bayonet-mount top cover in place.

The 140mm fan on the side and the 120mm fan on the back over the motherboard I/O panel are both set up to blow out. Switches to control the speed of each fan (low, med, high) are embedded just beside the 120mm fan. This means that all other vents on the case work as intakes: The top cover slot vents over the video card area, the grill over the PCI slots, the vents slot covers. There are two more vents, on the bottom panel, as you'll see below. On the far right, there is a large vent similar to the one on the left, meant for a 120mm or 140mm cooled power supply.

Bottom intake vents.

In the photo above, the front panel is on the left. Note the long vent under the left side of the case (at the bottom of the photo), and the more square one near the front center. These are important intake vents, and they incorporate the dust filters shown above.

The feet are the same ones used in the NSK2400/Fusion case. The photo and caption below from our review of that case could easily pass here without comment.

The right feet: The front one is cosmetically nicer, with a rubber insert in the center;
the back one is all soft silicone rubber.

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