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When shopping for a 9800GT, check the specifications carefully — manufacturers usually do not follow the reference design, so different 9800GT's have different video outputs, clock / memory speeds, memory type, and coolers.

The EN9800GT Matrix comes in a large box, and the card itself is cushioned well with foam and interior spacer boxes to keep the card immobile. Accessories include a component cable, DVI to VGA adapter, S/PDIF cable and 6-pin PCI Express power adapter.

The Matrix heatsink is a two-slot exhaust cooler. The center is covered in a black plastic shroud to direct air out the back of the case.

The fins in the circular portion of the heatsink are spaced closely together, while those near the rear are further apart. The PCB measures 22.8cm across, which is modest by modern standards. It will fit in standard ATX and mATX cases, though the cooler may block motherboard components directly beneath it.

From this angle three heatpipes are visible. One curves to make a large "C" with fan in the middle, and the other two are connected to the longer exhaust fins.

The EN9800GT Matrix has built-in HDMI and S/PDIF pass-through connectors. An internal S/PDIF header must be connected for audio output.

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