Asus EN9800GT Matrix Edition

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Warning — removing the heatsink from most products may void the warranty. Do so at your own risk.

Removing the EN9800GT Matrix cooler is a trivial task. On the trace side of the PCB there are two pushpins holding down the VRM heatsink, six Phillips-head screws attached to the ramsink module, and only four screws in the center securing the actual cooler.

With the screws off, only a small amount of twisting is required to pop the heatsink off. If aftermarket cooling is to be used, the tertiary heatsinks can most likely be left in place — very convenient.

The cooler's three heatpipes are soldered directly to a thin copper base plate. The black portions of the heatsink do not directly aid in thermal dissipation. They are there simply to provide a stable structure for mounting and to direct airflow.

Installed in our test system.

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