Scythe Ninja 2: Tweaking a Classic

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Ninja 2 (left) vs. original Ninja (right). Both the heatpipe and fin design have been modified compared to the original. The heatpipes are spread further apart like the Mini and Copper versions, and the ends are capped. The fin spacing has also been decreased allowing for four extra fins. (Note: The caps of the original Ninja heatpipes were yanked off for some now-forgotten experiment.)

The circular vent at the top has been enlarged to be more square and the slits on each corner have been filled in.

The Ninja 2's fins are thicker than the original, making them less prone to accidental damage. The base is more square, like the last few Ninja incarnations.

The copper base is nickel-plated and has a slightly dull finish. It is also almost perfectly flat.

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