Dell Studio Hybrid: Small, Stylish... but Quiet?

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The sample system came in a fairly big box. A wireless keyboard and mouse are included, which partly explains the large box size; good shock protection is another reason. The Studio Hybrid is very small, but bigger than the Asus Eee Box we reviewed a couple months ago, partly because the SH includes a slot DVD drive.

Our sample box shows signs of previous trips to other reviewers.

The Studio Hybrid is well protected inside.

The hardware contents included a wireless keyboard and mouse. The item wrapped in cables is an external AC/DC adapter of the type Dell uses for many of its notebook PCs.

Slim 65W power adapter: 19.5V @ 3.34A

The software disks and manuals.

The Back panel sports a small fan exhaust, line and speaker audio outputs, SPDIF out, Firewire (mini), three USB 2.0 ports, DVI and HDMI outputs, ethernetport, and DC power input jack.

In summary, the system looks good, is equipped with a DVD burner, and has a modern set of connectivity options. The older 965 chipset is a bit of a disappointment, though; a more recent chipset might provide better efficiency and graphics capability. It came loaded with Microsoft Windows Vista Home, MS Works, Roxio Creator, Office PowerPoint Viewer, PowerDVD, Google Desktop and DellDock. With all the software fully installed and ready do go, all that's needed is to plug it in and turn on the power.

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