Thermolab Baram Blows In

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This view shows the edges of the fins. They are staggered, apparently to reduce airflow resistance. The pattern is repeated around all the edges.

Here's another view. There are five heatpipes bent at the center where they're bonded to the base, with 10 vertical extensions in a wide array up through 54 fins. It looks like a friction fit between the pipes and the fins.

There is evidence of solder where the heatpipes meet the base. The join looks very tight. The base is nickel plated, very smooth and flat. The overall workmanship looks excellent.

The Baram looks about the same size and shape as the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme on the left, and fairly close to the Thermalright HR01 on the right...

...but it is actually slightly bigger than either, as each of its fins is larger.

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