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Getting back to the question of an integrated optical drive, it turns out that the HFX Micro M2 case for 179EUR (see link for currency conversion) has the slot for an optical drive and memory card reader — but not the two business HFX Micro systems. It's not clear exactly why an optical drive is unavailable even as an upgrade option for these systems. Resellers may offer different system configurations than mCubed; some of them may offer an optical drive option.

Is that a slot for an optical drive?

The white and silver version shows the optical drive / memory card slot clearly.

To get into the guts of the HFX Micro, one must first detach the back panel via four philips head screws. Without the screws, the back panel is only loosely attached to the rest of the system by the wires leading to the power switch.

Access panel removed.

Once the panel is off, the top cover simply slides out. The top cover is the internal components' main exhaust ventilation. Of course, the heatsinks on the sides stimulate most of the air convection cooling.

Inside the HFX Micro.

The CPU and chipset are cooled via heatpipes connected to the sides of the case. The HFX Mini used a similar design, but it was larger and had more heatpipes. The Atom 330, with its ultra-low 8W TDP requries only two heatpipes as does the board's northbridge chip.

Untightened screws hold the hard drive tray in place.

The hard drive is attached to the system via a simple metal tray, which is not actually bolted into place. On each side of the case interior there are a pair of screws left half-tightened. The rails of the hard drive tray simply wedge in-between the screwheads and the case. Friction and gravity keep it in place, and with the cover on, the HDD tray cannot be moved. It is quite secure and works well enough.

Hard drive tray upside down, showing notches where it clips to the chassis.

The tray can accomodate two hard-mounted 2.5" hard drives. Our S13 sample shipped with a Seagate 5400.5 80GB SATA drive. There does not appear to be a place to mount a slot optical drive here. Perhaps a different tray is used for mounting the optical drive in the models with a front panel slot.

The small (2.5 x 1.5 x 5") 90W (12V/7.5A) power brick accepts 100~240VAC, 50~60Hz input.

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