mCubed HFX Micro S13 system: Atom 330, Silenced

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Removing the hard drive tray allowed access to the board's single memory slot which was populated by a single stick of 1GB Corsair Value Select DDR2-667. Behind it you can see that mCubed has abandoned their own power supply in favor of a picoPSU.

Interior with hard drive tray removed.

As the internal components can be purchased off-the-shelf, DIYers can build the same system, minus the chassis and cooling system. Of course, the mCubed HFX Micro M2 case could also be purchased.


The front quarter of the case is used only to accommodate all the cabling inside. The picoPSU has only three output connectors: A standard 4-pin molex, a SATA power connector, and a floppy drive connector. The molex connector is adapted for the board's required 4-pin 12V AUX connector. To add an extra SATA drive, one would need a molex splitter, and a molex to SATA adapter.

The underside.

The case has four rubber feet and two rows of vents on the bottom. Notable in this day and age is the absence of digital outputs on the Intel D945GCLF2 board.

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