Silverstone Nightjar ST45NF: 450W Fanless Power Supply

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The removal of eight screws allows the extruded bottom panel to come off. It is tightly affixed to the flat tops of the internal heatsinks for good transfer of heat from the components to the external panel.

The extruded aluminum bottom panel is tightly clamped to the flat tops of the big heatsinks, with thermal paste applied to the interface.

Some of the solid capacitors used in this PSU.

The heatsinks are very hefty; they probably account for much of the extra weight.

High quality capacitors are used throughout: For the primary section, there are three Nippon Chemi-Con units rated for 105°C. The secondary section uses smaller NC-C, Teapo and solid polymers. As with the original ST30NF, the impression is very positive. It's a tidy, well-made PSU using high quality components.

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