Zalman CNPS9900 LED: The End of the Nines

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The CNPS9900 is in essence a CNPS9700 split into two sections. It is Zalman's first CPU cooler with a fan integrated into the center of the body.

To provide stability, a rather ugly plastic shroud runs around the outside the edge, ruining the beauty of the all-copper design. As there is an odd number of heatpipes, two are positioned on the front side of the cooler (which the fan blows toward) while there is only one on the back.

The heatsink is composed of a copper base soldered to three very long heatpipes that wrap around in a circle. Previous versions of the CNPS9000 series had heatpipes twisted into a figure-eight pattern at the bottom. Copper fins are soldered to the heatpipes, fanned out radially.

Airflow is provided by a translucent PWM fan, attached at the hub which grips onto the inside of the heatsink at several different points.

Though the CNPS9900 only has three heatpipes, they all terminate at the base, so there is very little room between the base and mounting plate.

The base is fairly flat with a classic Zalman finish — a slightly dull shine with some fine machine marks.

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