Zotac GeForce 8200-ITX WiFi: A Compact AM2 Solution

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BIOS options on mini-ITX boards are typically restricted. The presence of an IGP and the limited cooling associated with the form factor makes manufacturers nervous about allowing users the ability to customize frequencies and voltages.

Frequency and voltage control options with maximum values entered.

The board's BIOS allows a reasonable amount of tweaking, considering the form factor. Overclocking options are available for the CPU, memory, and even IGP, but the upper limits for voltages are quite low.

Notable Available BIOS Adjustments
CPU FSB 200 to 600MHz
CPU Voltage 0.5500V to 0.775V in 0.0125V increments
0.775V to 1.300V in 0.025V increments
Memory Frequency 400MHz, 533MHz, 667MHz, 800MHz, 1066MHz
(may depend on CPU)
Memory Timing Control Basic
Memory Voltage 1.90V, 2.00V, 2.10V, 2.20V
Chipset Voltage +0.05V
Video Memory Size 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB
GPU Core Frequency 500 to 1000MHz
GPU Shader Frequency 1200 to 2000MHz

While the maximum CPU voltage is rather low, it does allow more undervolting than we're used to seeing — 0.5500V is the minimum allowed.

"Hardware Monitor."

The "Hardware Monitor" section is almost barren with only speeds from the board's two fan headers reported. There are no voltage or temperature readouts and a complete lack of fan control settings.

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