Phenom II: AMD pulls closer

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For those who are expecting pages and pages of benchmarks using programs you've never heard about and will never use, we will disappoint. SPCR's focus is on acoustics, thermals and power. We'll focus on these aspects using test tools you may be familar with from other SPCR reviews. We designed a basic test suite with a few time-sensitive operations that the majority of users may find themselves doing from time to time. The tests were run on three similarly equipped systems — one Core i7, one Core 2 Quad, one Phenom II — for a comparison of practical desktop performance diferences between the three platforms.

Core i7 Test Platform

Core 2 Test Platform

Phenom II Test Platform

Measurement and Analysis Tools

Benchmark Test Details

  • Eset NOD32: In-depth virus scan of a folder containing 32 files of varying size with many of them being file RAR and ZIP archives.
  • WinRAR: Archive creation with a folder containing 68 files of varing size (less than 50MB).
  • iTunes: Conversion of an MP3 file to AAC.
  • TMPGEnc Xpress: Encoding a 1-minute long XVID AVI file to VC-1 (1280x720, 30fps, 20mbps).

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