Phenom II: AMD pulls closer

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CPU Clock Control

While Phenom II supposedly uses Cool'n'Quiet version 3.0, we weren't able to distinguish the difference between it and previous versions except for a slightly lower-clocked minimum CPU state.

Minimum CPU state according to CPU-Z.

Other AM2+ Phenoms idle at 1.0GHz rather than the 800MHz reported by CPU-Z. Depending on the type of load the system is under, the CPU multiplier and voltage fluctuates, though we weren't able to determine if it truly has more power states than an original Phenom — the changes happen so often it is difficult to tell.

Maximum CPU state according to CPU-Z.

CPU-Z reported the nominal CPU state as 3.0GHz and approximately 1.35V.

Core clock speeds reported by HWM BlackBox, and Windows Task Manager CPU Usage History with one instance of CPUBurn active.

We weren't able to determine if Core i7's truly had dynamic core under/overclocking, and the same is true of Phenom II. When we stressed the system with only one instance of CPUBurn K7, HWM BlackBox reported all four cores operating at full speed.

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