Phenom II: AMD pulls closer

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At first we attempted to overclock our Phenom II processor without increasing the voltage, however this proved to be problematic. Our X4 940 sample was unstable even at 3.4GHz, so a voltage increase was necessary to get substantial results.

3.7GHz overclock with an extra 0.10V of CPU voltage.

With only an extra 0.10V of CPU voltage we managed to reach 3.7GHz stable.

3.7GHz overclock with C&Q enabled.

During overclocking we realized that Cool'n'Quiet had been left enabled. Surprisingly, the motherboard added a proportional additional amount of voltage to maintain an overclocked minimum CPU state.

3.8GHz overclock with an extra 0.15V of CPU voltage and 0.10V of Northbridge voltage.

To overclock get to 3.8GHz, another 0.05V of CPU voltage and a 0.10V increase in Northbridge voltage were required. If you're not shy about upping the voltage, reports around the web seem to indicate that Phenom II's will do 3.8-4.0GHz.

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