Apex MI-008: A Cheap Quiet mini-ITX Case?

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System assembly is fairly straightforward. Cable management may be an issue depending on what components you choose to install.

As the optical drive bay lines up directly with the power supply, their cables come into contact. The drive pictured above is 16.6cm long (not including the front bezel) and one can probably bend the cables to allow for a drive perhaps 1cm longer.

A 3.5" hard drive may be installed directly beneath the optical drive, or if desired, off to the side using a pair of plastic sleds.

On its side, the bottom sled slides right into a rail on the case floor. There are two screw holes on the top to secure the top sled.
Keep in mind installing a drive here will completely cut off the system's main source of ventilation.

The chosen motherboard is an Intel D945GCLF2 which utilizes a dual core Atom CPU and the 945GC chipset. Our biggest problem will likely be silencing the tiny chipset fan in the middle without compromising cooling.

Motherboard installed.

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